Origens Geopark

Located in the southern sector of the Catalan Pyrenees, in the province of Lleida, it is a territory with an exceptional geological heritage that got the recognition as a UNESCO Global Geopark in April 2018.

It covers 2,040 square kilometres of territory that include 19 municipalities:

  • the municipalities of the Pallars Jussá County: Abella de la Conca, Castell de Mur, Conca de Dalt, Gavet de la Conca, Isona i Conca de Dellá, La Pobla de Segur, Llimiana, Salàs de Pallars, Sant Esteve de la Sarga, Sarroca de Bellera, Senterada, Talarn, Torre de Capdella  and  Tremp
  • the municipalities of part of Ager, Camarasa and Vilanova de Meiá in La Noguera County
  • the municipality of Baix Pallars in Pallars Sobirá County
  • the municipality of Coll de Nargó in Alt Urgell County

Orígens Geopark lets you take a true journey through time to discover the origins of the evolution of the Earth and life, from the Big Bang to the present day.

The Orígens Geopark has three headquarters:

Epicentre. Geopark visitors centre 

In the visitors centre you will find all the information about the different options you have if you are visting the Geopark.

Passeig del Vall , 13. 25620. Tremp

+34  973653470


Administrative Headquarters

On the third floor of the Tremp town council you can find the Administrative headquarters of the Geopark where the Geopark techicians work.

Plaça de la Creu, 1. 25620 Tremp 

+34 973 651 088


Scientific Headquarters

The Centre de Suport Territorial Pirineus de l’Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya  (ICGC) – a headquarter of the Geological Survey of Catalonia – is the s cientific headquarters.

Passeig Pompeu Fabra, 21. 25620 Tremp

+34 973 650 830

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