Materials to download

In this section you can download materials of the aspiring Geoparc Conca de Tremp – Montsec:

llibre-geoparcActivity book of the Geopark project (6-12 years) – in catalan

Using the slogan “Dare to discover the Geopark project Conca de Tremp – Montsec”, these activity books will help you to discover and learn about the history and evolution of life of our territory in a funny way. “To learn more” you could go to the different museusms and facilities where you will find accurate information about the topics that appear in the book: nature, hidroelectric central plants, Medieval castles, prehistory, fossils of sea snails and dinosaurs, the formation of the Earth and the Univers.

Activity book (first edition) to be downloaded and printed double-sided (A4 i después doblar).

Activity book (second edition)



stonesActivity book: Where Stones Talk (10-14 years) – in english

This activity book was created by students from INS Tremp to promote the building  “El Rovellat” (The Rusted), the scientific headquarters of the aspiring Geopark Conca de Tremp – Montsec (CST Pirineus of ICGC in Tremp).

Download it in a book format o in a worksheet version.

Activity book creacted by INS de Tremp and distributed under the license CC BY 4.0


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