A  bird’s-eye view of the Geopark 

L’últim gegant d’Europa (in Catalan) It talk about the discovery of a big dinosaur in the village of Orcau, in Orígens Geopark.

GAIA · The Big Mother is a 48′ documentary about the origin, evolution and future of the Earth, focusing on the geological concepts and the role of life and humans. Facts and ideas are shown through illustrations and animations together with films made on places like museums and relevant landscapes. The threats to the sustainability of our planet are also exposed.

It is a video of ICGC.

La Gran Aventura Canadenca: A hundred years ago, the creation of the company Barcelona Traction, Light and Power, better known as “La Canadenca”, was the beginning of big changes in Catalonia. A North American engineer , Fred Stark Pearson, set up the company in Toronto and built the first hydroelectric plants in the Pyrenees, the biggest plants that had ever been built in Europe. In a few years, electric power arrived at the main cities and factories.

“La gran aventura de La Canadenca” ( The great Adventure of La Canadenca) collects the story of people that lived at first hand the adventure that brought electricity from the mountains until factories and cities. Through the experience of four people, the documentary explains in a realistic and epic way the two decades, from the first steps of la Canadenca until the International Exhibition in Barcelona in 1929.

Estació Biològica del Pallars Jussà and Land Stewardship

Estació Biològica del Pallars Jussà is an organisation involved in conservation, biodiversity monitoring and educational programs. They have 2 land stewardship agreements for the conservation of natural area of Collegats. They explain it to us in the frame of LandLife project. For more information visit:

Gea and Fossils (IGME)

The aim of this video is to promote the protection and conservation of paleontological heritage, to value the extraordinary fossil record of many Spanish sites preserved in museums and interpretive centres and to show the importance of palaeontology in order to explain the evolution and history of life on our planet.

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