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Escape Room

Guardians of the Geopark, we need you!!

The Orígens Geopark is in danger! Your help is needed to protect the Mother Rock!

To achieve it you will have to pass different tests and work as a team!!

Good luck and success!!!

Designed for students from 8 to 10 years old with the aim of getting the basic knowledge and concepts about the Orígens Geopark.

*Only available in Catalan

Didactic suitcase: “Un Geoparc de Pel·lícula”

*Materials in Catalan

Designed for students from 10 to 14 years old. The interested educational centers can request it through the Centre de Recursos Pedagògics.

Download the activities and the teacher’s introductory dossier:

Dossier el Mestre GeneralFotogrames (portada de cada actividad)

Activitat 1: Territori Miner

Joc de CartesinstruccionsTaulell dels Salinsinstruccions

Activitat 2: Escenaris Cretacis

Activitat 3: Cinema Stones

Fitxa Experimentacio i Llibre Il·lustrat

Activitat 4: 1,2,3..Quaternari!

Activitat 5: Relats Arriskats  i  Relat de Puigcercós

Activitat d’aplicació: El Geoparc del Futur

Research projects for Baccalaureate 

*Proposals in Catalan

Each school year, the Geopark offers high school students various proposals to carry out research work in the field of the Orígens UNESCO Global Geopark on geology, astronomy, paleontology, archaeology, cultural heritage or fauna and flora.

Orígens Geopark reading guides

*Reading guide in Catalan

Guia lectura historia Geoparc Origens

*Reading guide in Catalan

Activity Book: Where Stones Talk

The Activity book: Where Stones Talk (10-14 years) was created by students from INS Tremp to promote the building “El Rovellat” (The Rusted), the scientific headquarters of the Geopark Orígens (CST Pirineus of ICGC in Tremp).

Activity book created by INS de Tremp and distributed under the license CC BY 4.0.

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