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Learning Campus in the Geopark

The Learning Campus offers innovative didactic activities that  can last one day or more than one day. They are integrated into the Camps d’Aprenentage (Learning Campus) network in the Department of Education of the Catalan Government.

IMG_2112Entorn d’Aprenentatge (Learning Campus) in Tremp

This educational service offers support teaching activities related to geology and palaeontology, history and hydroelectricity. In the management and operation of this Learninng Campus are also involved the Town Council of Tremp, the Geological and Cartographic Institute of Catalonia, the Regional Council of Pallars Jussà and the Educational Service of both Pallars that contribute by giving various resources and supports.

Camp d’Aprenentatge (Leaarning Campus) in la Noguera

It is an educational service that has its headquarters in Sant Llorenç de Montgai. It offers the possibiility to schools (students and teachers) stay for 2 or 5 days or do only one-day activities. It works with the topics of archaeology and the prehestory and civil war, and the natural landscape.

Other Resources of the Geopark

Education Plan

Every year the Centro de Recursos Pedagógicos del Pallars Jussà publishes Plan Comarcal de Educación where you can find all the didactic offer of the county. It includes all the activiies that the learning Campus in Tremp, different museums offers the Geopark:

Room Escape

Guardians del Geoparc, us necessitem!!

El Geoparc Orígens està en perill! Necessita la vostra ajuda per protegir la Roca Mare!

Per aconseguir-ho haureu de superar diferents proves i treballar en equip!!

Molta sort i força!!!

Only available in Catalan

MALETA DIDÁCTICA: “Un Geoparc de Pel·lícula”

It is designed for students age 10-14 years old. The educative centres can ask for the usage of this kit at the Centre de Recursos Pedagógicos del Pallars Jussà. Materials in Catalan.

Download the activities and the teacher’s dossier (in Catalan):

Dossier el Mestre GeneralFotogrames (portada de cada activitat)

Activitat 1: Territori Miner

Joc de CartesinstruccionsTaulell dels  Salinsinstruccions

Activitat 2: Escenaris Cretacis

Activitat 3: Cinema Stones

Fitxa Experimentacio i Llibre Il·lustrat

Activitat 4: 1,2,3..Quaternari!

Activitat 5: Relats Arriskats  i  Relat de Puigcercós

Activitat d’aplicació: El Geoparc del Futur

Research projects for Baccalaureate 

Propossals of  Research Projectes –  Curs 2020/2021 (in Catalan)

Activity Book: Where Stones Talk


The Activity book: Where Stones Talk (10-14 years)  was created by students from INS Tremp to promote the building  “El Rovellat” (The Rusted), the scientific headquarters of the aspiring Geopark Conca de Tremp – Montsec (CST Pirineus of ICGC in Tremp).

Download it in a book format o in a worksheet version.

Activity book created by INS de Tremp and distributed under the license CC BY 4.0

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