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The Orígens Geopark allows you to travel back in time to discover the last 550 million years of history of this place located in the Catalan Pyrenees and which has been part of the UNESCO World Geoparks Network since April 2018.

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Photo gallery

The images that appear below can be used and, in this case, they must be cited as Geopark Orígens Archive and the name of the author, identified in the description of the photo, between brackets.

Views of La Conca and Serra de Carreu (Jordi Peró)
Roca del Bolet (Kike Herrero)
Dinosaur footprint that can be visited through Conca Dellà Museum (Jordi Peró)
Sant Antoni lake views (Llibert Cases / Lo Podall)
Geological formation of Argenteria (Jordi Peró)
Mont-rebei canyon (Jordi Peró)

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