UNESCO Global Geoparks collaborate with universities and research institutes to research in the fields of Earth Sciences and other disciplines. The results of these studies help to deepen our knowledge of the processes that have shaped the Earth and the evolution of life.

The Geopark Orígens has as its motto science for society. It is a territory where different scientific disciplines can be studied, and seminars and activities are organized to transfer this knowledge.

This area has been a source of research for many companies, universities and institutions from different branches of Earth Sciences over the past 100 years.

In some relatively small valleys, we find out explanation about:

  • The discovery of important paleontological sites, including the fossils of the last dinosaurs in Europe
  • The structures that formed the Pyrenees
  • The use of water and mining resources
  • The reproduction of geological scenarios in the search for hydrocarbons
  • The research and dissemination of astronomy, thanks to the quality of the dark sky Starlight
  • The archaeological sites that document the human occupation of this area for the last 200,000 years
  • The soils that reflect the diversity of bedrock, active and recent geological and geomorphological processes, climates and microclimates; and biological activity, including human activity.

A territory that investigates is a living territory and creates new stories to tell.

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