Good Practice Protocol

Aiming to improve the conservation and protection of our heritage and geodiversity, Geopark Orígens has developed a fieldwork Good Practice Protocol.

The Good Practice document comprises two main objectives:

  1. The protection of heritage, so that outcrops visited by scientists and students maintain an optimal state of conservation and, therefore, retain their scientific and educational interest
  2. Provide relevant information to improve researchers and students safety during their fieldwork activities in the Geopark geological sites. Therefore, we advise you to follow the rules and recommendations presented in the fieldwork Good Practice Protocol.

During field trips we ask you to be gentle with our heritage and take the necessary safety precautions. In order to guarantee a direct communication with the Geopark we invite you to fill out the visitor form (in Catalan).

Consider that the current legislation on the protection of the natural environment and be aware that The Cultural Heritage Act 9/93 includes the “legal” prohibition on taking paleontological samples.

In the event that for scientific or educational purposes you require collecting samples of any kind, please fill out the sample collection form (in Catalan) and try minimizing the visual impact on outcrops.

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