The local gastronomy in the Geopark offers a wide variety of products that belong to the Mediterranean diet like the olive oil, fruits and vegetables or the wine.


Moreover, it must be highlighted other products like the local sheep breed “xisqueta”, the meat products like girella or xolís, and the cocas de recapte (made with bread and vegetables).

Likewise, you can discover the diversity and importance of the aromatic plants in Parc de les Olors de Claverol, in partnership with the Geopark.

In this territory, you can delight with nice meals with local and diverse gastronomy in the cosy restaurants of the Geopark.

The meals can be accompanied by the local mountain wines. Some of them are elaborated in the same mother rock or include images of fossils in their to honor the rich palaeontological heritage of the area. We want to specially mention the wineries that are partnerships with Orígens Geopark with their wines that have a geology taste: El VinyerSauvella and Vila Corona.

005_aliments-pallars-logopMost of the agri-food products and restaurants of the area are promoted by the quality local brand named AL TEU GUST, aliments del Pallars, with the objective to preserve the traditional products, revitalise the local economy and the conservation of the agricultural landscapes.

It is worth mentioning the gastronomy festival named CordeVi that takes place in autumn and that it has a very complete agenda of activities.

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