European Geoparks Week

The European Geoparks Week, taking place at late May early June each year, is a European – wide festival of Geoparks aimed at raising public awareness of geoconservation and promotion of the geological heritage as well as events aimed at informing the wide public about geotouristic and educational activities in Geoparks.

VI European Geoparks Week 2022

International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development

This year the European Geoparks Week is dedicated to the INternational Year of Sustainable Mountain Developement.

You can download the program in Catalan.

IV European Geoparks Week 2020: Download the general program  (in Catalan)

III European Geoparks Week 2019: Download the general program  (in Catalan)

II European Geoparks Week 2018: Download the general program  (in Catalan)

I European Geoparks Week 2017: Download the general program (in Catalan)

Programme about the III Aplec de Geologia de les Terres de Ponent i Pirineus. (in Catalan)

Programa de la 2a Jornada Arqueològica del Pallars Jussà. (in Catalan)

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