Sportive events

In the Geopark there are taking place different sportive events. In this section we describe the ones Orígens Geopark has collaboration with. All of them take place annually.

Ultrapallars 360

Ultrapallars 360 is a project to play sports through a natural environment with millions of years of history reflected in its landscape. It is a sporting experience on a circular itinerary that runs through the main towns of the Pallars Jussà region.

Apart from the main event, the Ultra Pallars 360, there are three other races of different distances and difficulties so that everyone who wants to can enjoy this adventure, Marató Trail, Geotrail and Entrapussada Trail.

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La Tampanada

MTB route that passes through spectacular places of the Conca de Tremp and offers the participants three routes depending on distance and difficulty: Mega Tampanada, Tampanada and Tampanada Kids.

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Caminada de Carenes  (Carenes trekking)

This trekking, included in the Catalan Circuit of Resistance Walks, offers the participannts to choose between three modalities:

  • 52 km trail (El Pont de Suert – Tremp)
  • 28 km trail (Adons – Tremp)
  • 9 km trail (Gurp – Tremp)

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Conca Dellà Walking Festival

This festival is a great opportunity to enjoy the stunning landscapes and the trails of the municipality of Conca Dellà through local guides.

There is an offer of trails to all kind of publics and they are combined with activities that allow you to know the gastronomy and the culture of this area.

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Vall Fosca Pyrenees Walking Festival

This festival is an opportunity to discover the Vall Fosca landscapes through hiking activities with local guides, tasting of local products and other activities that will make the festival a very special experience!

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