Guided tours

To enjoy a more complete experience we recommend you to visit Orígens Geopark with a guide or Geopark partnerships and their geotours. These enterprises have products that have an agreement with the Orígens Geoppark, who provides the specialized training to complement their visits with the geological history of this territory.

Guided tours

Most of the  Museums and Interpretation Centres of the Orígens Geopark also have an offer of guided tours, both inside the centres and outdoor, to visit places like palaeontological sites, old mines, castles or churches.


Vine al Pallars, Viu el Jussà

In addition, in the territory there is a project named  Vine al Pallars, Viu el Jussà that offers different guided touristic activities. It is a project that gives an added value to the accommodations of the county council of Pallars Jussà through activities and guided tours.

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