Enjoy the Geopark

The Geopark suggests you a series of monthly activities for you to “Enjoy the Geopark”.

Different ways to explore the wonders of the Geopark: on foot, by snowshoes, flying on a hot-air baloon, by horse…

Enjoy the Geopark 2023 (5th edition)


Enjoy the Geopark 2022 (4th edition)

Winter program: February, March – Spring program: April, May, June – Summer program: July, August, September – Autumn program: October, November (in Catalan)

Enjoy the Geopark 2021 (3rd edition)

Spring program: April, May, June – Summer program: July, August – Autumn program: October, November, December (in Catalan)

Enjoy the Geopark 2020 (2nd edition)

Winter Program (in Spanish)Spring Program (cancelled due to COVID-19 – in Spanish) – Summer program: June, July, August – Autumn Program: September (in Catalan)

Enjoy the Geopark 2019 (1st edition)

Winter Program – Spring ProgramSummer Program – Autumn Program (in Catalan)

Summer Activities  -old editions- 

Summer Activities 2017 (in Catalan)

Summer Activities 2016 (in Catalan)

Summer Activities 2015 (in Catalan)

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