Geotours are activities supported by the Orígens Geopark through agreements. They get trainings and include explanations about the rich geological heritage linked with each activity.

Find the list of Geotours below:


Discovering the Geopark with expert guides in Geology and Palaeontology of the enterprise Eureka SGN with different offers:

  • Old Puigcercós, a village that collapsed!
  • Castell Mines, the strength of the atom
  • Tremp Basin: a sea from 100 millions of years ago
  • Basturs lakes: planet connection

In addition of the mentioned activities, they also offer “De la Roca a la Copa” (From the Rock to the Cup), an activity that combines Geology, Palaeontology and Oenology, with a tour at Sauvella vineyard and a final taste of wines.


Globus Kontiki allows you to see the Geopark from the sky in the following areas:


Different enterprises do guide tours or offer products to discover the natural areas of the Geopark and other heritage:

  • Mature forests and fauna of Montsec: The guides of Salvatgines will go with you to discover the geology, flora and fauna of the Montsec de Rúbies mountain range and the footprints that humans have left in the last millenniums. It is an activity that lasts the whole day and include the transportation by car until the highest part of the mountain.
  • Cave kayak: Zenith Aventura offers an activity that combines kayak in Terradets lake (Cellers) and some speleology visiting la Cova dels Muricecs (Bat Cave) of Llimiana.
  • Bike Holidays Pyrenees: Can Fasèrsia offers a touristic pack with mountain bike tours that includes from 2 to 5 nights of accommodation.
  • At Parc de les Olors de Claverol you can do guided tour with a taste of aromatic plants teas and home made honey. In summer they make the ratafia workshop (local liquor).
  • This territory has different small wineries that offer guided tours with geologic interpretation at the wineries and vineyards. The visits also include taste of wines with geological topics that belong to Costers del Segre. It can be highlighted the three wineries that has an agreement with the Geopark:  El VinyerSauvella and Vila Corona.

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