Orígens Geopark is holding its first revaliation

  • Two UNESCO evaluators have come to Orígens Geopark for 5 days to assess the progress done in the last years.
  • very 4 years, UNESCO Global Geoparks must undergo a revalidation process.
  • Orígens Geopark, in the catalan Pyrenees, is one of the 15 UNESCO Global Geoparks in Spain, designated in 2018.

Last week, two UNESCO evaluators did their 5-day revalidation mission in Orígens Geopark.

This visit is one of the steps of the revalidation process. Firstly, some documents are sent to UNESCO. Secondly, a field mission by the evaliators is carried out to certify that the projects done by the Geopark are correct. This missions ends with a report that is sent to th UNESCO Global Geoparks Council. In this third step is where the continuity of the Geopark is decided by a “green card”, or the Geopark could be asked to implement urgent improvements “yellow card” or the designation is revoked “red card”.

The revalidation mission in the Orígens Geopark was concluded by three and a half days of field mission and one day of meetings. During this process the quality and improvements of the territory have been assessed by interviwes with more thna 50 key agents of the area in termes of conservation, research, education and dissemination and sustainable developement.

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