The aspiring Geopark Conca de Tremp – Montsec attend the 14th European Geoparks Network Conference

A delegation of 4 members from the Conca de Tremp – Montsec Geopark project attended the 14the EGN Conference celebrated in the UNESCO Global Geopark of Azores (Portugal) between the 7th and the 9th September.










During the Conference the Geopark did a presentation in the framework of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. It was an oral slide show about El Cinquè Llac, an exemplary tourist product that consists of a five-day circular itinerary that belongs to the recommended routes of the aspiring Geopak and which follows the values and the philosophy of these territories.









Apart from this participation, delegates attended to the presentations of other territories that are examples of good practices cases and they are sources of inspiration and learning. Likewise, some contacts with other delegates of other areas were done in order to explore synergies and start future cooperations.


The attendance to the conferences, the interchange of experiences and the networking are some of the requirements of the UNESCO Global Geoparks. This one, at the same time, is one of the recommendations that UNESCO formally communicated  to accept this territory in the Global Geoparks Network. The candidacy of  Conca de Tremp – Montsec Geopark answers to this requirements with an active participation in this meetings.

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